Star Wars The Force Awakens Outfits

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The Star Wars movie is already creating a Tsunami at the box office. Since its release it has become the highest grosser in the United States, beating the first ever 3D movie Avatar and making a new record. With such an epic start, fans need something to associate themselves with the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. This is why will now bring a whole new category of leather jackets that is called the Star Wars The Force Awakens Outfits.

This category is taken very seriously and boasts the best leather fashion from the hit movie. The first jacket in this category is called 2015 Star Wars Episode VII Mark Hamill wool coat. This coat has a full knee length design with original black colored leather material. It can be your perfect Star Wars costume for the premiere of the show. It has full length sleeves with white stripes at the end, two pockets and buttoned closure with a belt from the front. The second jacket in the same category is called the Harrison Ford brown jacket. This jacket is your classic leather jacket in brown color. The jacket has erected collars, inner viscose lining and frontal closure with zippers. The third and the final jacket in the category is called MadsMikkelsen Rogue one leather jacket. The jacket has a heavy brown color with fur collar and full length sleeves. All the jackets are taken from the lead cast and crew of the movie Star Wars.