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Tom Hardy has been one of the most influential and entertaining actors of this current generation of movie stars, with a wide range of roles the most notable one being Bane in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises. Our range of Tom Hardy Leather Jacket consists of Bane Black Leather Jacket, Tom Hardy Bane Vest, Bane Tom Hardy Jacket, and Tom Hardy Bane Vest. All of these items are made of 100% pure leather, along with a comfortable internal viscose lining which allows the wearer to feel comfortable and relaxed. They are a true testament to the powerful and charismatic DC Villain who shook the fan base in the final chapter of the Batman Trilogy. His entire attire radiates fear and terror in the hearts of his opponents, whilst reassuring dominance among his allies and loyal servants. Tom Hardy’s transformation into the masked tyrant was one of his best roles of his career, which truly put him on the map of show business and entertainment. The Bane Leather Jackets are a tactical master class with a number of pockets for effective portability, which we were able to successfully bring to you with our new and happening wardrobe collection.
The Oscar nominated actor is now known for his multiple roles, from the Revenant, Child 44 and Mad Max Fury road. We have made available several attires from his hit movies including Animal Rescue Tom Hardy Jacket, The Drop and Tom Hardy Mad Max Jacket, from the sequel of Mel Gibson classic Mad Max: Fury Road. Our leather material is 100% real and our clothing is made to ensure maximum durability in the harshest conditions. These items are made for not only customers’ needs for style and leisure but also for their comfort and freedom. We also offer several coats from our Tom Hardy Leather Coat collection including the famous Tom Hardy The Dark Knight Rises Coat and Tom Hardy Bane Coat, made to help you withstand those cold winter nights.