At our online store, every information is protected for your privacy. Hence we use PayPal secured checkout that bears 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. After getting the order via PayPal, it is processed successfully.

For your convenience, Film Star Look store accepts checkout payments through major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover for your payments.

Amendments and alterations can be made once submitting your order. But for this, you have 24 hours to do so. Since, our automatic system is made in such a way that after receiving the orders, it goes to our manufacturing department. As a result, you cannot cancel order after one business day.

You will get the Order Confirmation number via email mentioning the price, shipping cost and the order’s confirmation number.

Every order is shipped worldwide apart from a few places where it’s hard for the courier to deliver goods. Our customers really like the Free shipping policy that we make use of such as UPS, DHL and FedEx.

To assist you buying leather jackets smoothly and easily, we have colored our mentioned prices every product page. Prices in black is the actual value, but after discount, the red coded price mentioned is the actual selling prices of the product.

Since we only use Expedited mail services, so it would not would take more than 10-12 working days to ship your order. You can check all the shipping policies for complete information.

To assist you more conveniently always, you initially have to register so to become our customer and we can keep your data in our records, which is actually for customer’s security. Just go to “Account Registration” on “My Account” and easily register yourself.

We buy all our raw leathers from best companies selling leather hides, which are agricultural and has no side-effect for humans. After buying these superb quality Hides, our professional men transform them into wonderful leather clothing and leather jackets. This way, you can surely rely on our supreme quality products.

You can easily contact our customer care department at sales@filmstarlook.com or you can do a Live chat with our representative. Every question will be answered quickly.

If the FAQs fail to answer any of your queries, feel free to drop us an email.