The Four Reasons Why Deadpool Was Such A Massive Success

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As of now, Deadpool has smashed opening box office records and garnered critical praise which was completely unexpected from this movie due to its low budget and lack of familiarity with the story behind this hero with the general audience.

The story of Deadpool’s success goes back to the early days of superhero films that were still being made for a mature audience and not suitable for younger people. Deadpool has taken advantage of the R-rating by diverting itself from a staling genre to make it unique and interesting. Here is how the movie reached such a phenomenal success.

  • The Hero

The “Merc with the Mouth” is a character that comic book fans have loved from the start but never saw appearing on the silver screen. His debut has been a major reason why fans have flocked the theaters.

Clad in his iconic Deadpool movie jacket, this hero likes to wear red to hide his bleeding while he fights his enemies spouting one-liners and consistently breaking the fourth wall. He is without a doubt the most unique and different comic book heroes put on screen and seeing him alone was a big reason to watch the film.

  • Well written

With such a great protagonist was also some great script. Many critics have praised the movie’s smart writing with tons of humor and jabs at the current state of Hollywood. This great dialogue is consistently hilarious with many smart references that make Deadpool not just a flashy film, but also a rare form of motion picture that respects its audience’s maturity.

  • Awesome action

Of course, this wouldn’t be a great superhero film without great action, and thankfully there are plenty. From the well-choreographed fight in the opening sequence, all the way to the climax, this movie is brimming with the visceral action that dwarfs anything seen before it. One of the fan favorites was the scene where our lead character was making his Deadpool leather jacket and tells his original story of how he came to be the hero he is now.

  • Great Story

Finally, Deadpool just tells an incredible tale that’s a mix of a revenge story, love and drama. It mish-mashes different concepts into a brilliant thrill ride that ultimately pleases anyone who enjoys these kinds of films. Its pacing is great, progression is fantastic and ends on a high note.

There is never a better time for Deadpool to shine brighter and start a new franchise in his name.

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