The Story Behind Scarlet Witch’s Costume Design In Captain America

Scarlet Witch Coats

Ever since she made her debut in the Age of Ultron, the Scarlet Witch has been an enigmatic character. But what is even more interesting is that the filmmakers have put in a subtle detail to her persona. With every movie leading up to Captain America Civil War, they have given her a different look to match her emotional and personal development.

This kind of attention to detail is what makes her so interesting. Here is how her looks and style have evolved over the course of her movies.

  • Introduction

When we first saw her, Scarlet Witch was a frail character. She usually lurked behind the scenes and never resorted to flashy upfront appearances. Her brooding personality was reflected in the signature Scarlet Witch red coat that she wears as her costume at the beginning of the movie.

Unlike her brother, Quicksilver, the Witch was much more held back and preferred to work from the back lines using her telepathic powers and mind manipulation skills.

  • Lose of her brother

However, that changed when her brother was tragically killed at the end of the Age of Ultron. The event shook her to the core.

After having lost her parents as a child, the Witch could not bear the loss of another one of her family. She completely broke down and could no longer contain her ailing self. From this point onward, there is a much more foreboding feel exuded in her costumes. The colors she wore became darker and became a signature for all she had lost.

  • Rise to power

No longer was the Scarlet Witch lurking in the shadows. She was now up front and center and faced her enemies head on. This became apparent even in the Age of Ultron when Hawk-Eye told her to no longer be reserved.

The filmmakers wanted to give her a bolder look so they changed her costume to be more vibrant and loose. She showed a lot more movement by using her offensive abilities that mark the start of a new kind of Scarlet Witch that was not afraid to use her powers.

  • Civil War

And finally in the Civil War, she bands with a fractured faction within the Avengers. She shows her allegiance to the Avengers and stands for a cause as we saw in the comic books. She wears a Captain America Scarlet Witch coat that is a uniform version of what she used to wear.

Ultimately, she has completely transformed from a reserved shy character to a bold and power infused heroine.

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