Top Four Character Costumes from the X-Men Apocalypse Movie

X-Men Apocalypse Movie Jackets

A new evil is rising in the X-Men movies, and he is known only as the Apocalypse. The overwhelming power of this antagonist makes him one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe, and thus the mutants are banding together against him.

In the new sequel, we will be seeing new mutants and characters coming together and standing united as an army in their signature X-Men jackets’uniform. Costume design is a crucial part of the X-Men films and comic book movies in general. So we have come up with a list of who we think have the best costumes in the new movie.

  • Psylocke

Armed with deadly telepathic abilities, this huntress wields a katana made from psychic energy. This movie marks her debut of the X-Men films and we have only yet seen her along with her teammates in their X-Men Apocalypse jackets,which suggest that she may be a part of an army of mutants warring against other mutant legions.

Psylocke has been on our minds ever since we first found out about her in the trailers.

  • Cyclops

So far, we were only teased with the fact that Cyclops bands with Raven to fight against Apocalypse. His power of blasting heat from his eyes makes him an extremely powerful mutant. The only problem is, he has no control over it. That is why he wears his signature glasses to shield everyone from his deadly rays.

Cyclops has a unique look with his glasses combined with an overcoat that heatproofs him when he uses his abilities. There is truly no other hero that looks like him, which is why we have made him our second choice for this list.

  • Nightcrawler

The blue-skinned teleporter is a swift and cunning mutant. He has the ability to warp between locations and was also an iconic character in the X-Men movies, particularly X-2. Ever since then, he has vanished without a trace, but now he returns.

He was a fan favorite character for his famous introductory scene in X-2 as well as having an amazing ability. We feel his comeback will be well worth the wait.

  • Wolverine

And finally, what X-Men list can be complete without mentioning Wolverine? The half man half beast has been the driving force for this series of films and his looks completely set him apart from the others.

Over many films, he has donned his classic X-Men leather jackets exuding his old school fashion choice. After all, he really doesn’t age, thanks to his regenerating abilities.

These are the characters whose looks we find the most memorable and iconic from the mystical Psylocke to the savage Wolverine.


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